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Racists don’t even take a break for the holidays.

A recent video has gone viral of 11th grade students in an American History class at Dover High School in New Hampshire singing a KKK-inspired “Jingle Bells” song that includes the lyrics “Kill all the Blacks.”

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See the disturbing video below.

According to, Superintendent William Harbron called the video “an incident of extreme racial insensitivity. While the incident was part of a classroom assignment dealing with the reconstruction period in American history, the impact was harmful.” He continued, “They were given an assignment to select some event during reconstruction and to make a jingle out of it.” Allegedly,  the two students chose the Ku Klux Klan and wrote the hateful lyrics in the style of the “Jingle Bells.” The students did not know they were being recorded.

The principal, Peter Driscoll, is defending the students by saying they had no “malicious intent and were addressing the assignment as given to them.” How disturbing that students willingly writing lyrics that included “kill all Blacks” would not be considered malicious to an educator. No assignment should inspire them to “sing” hate. As of now, the students nor the teacher who was in the room has been disciplined. also reports, Superintendent Habron said, “Right now it’s getting the message out about what occurred, what we need to do differently, what can we learn from this, and how do we change our practices from the lessons learned so that everybody feels accepted and wanted here.”

A way to change “practices” is to punish the students and the teacher to know this was not acceptable. Anything else is condoning the behavior.


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