Students at a Kansas high school staged a walkout after a viral video showed a Black student being attacked by a white student.

Football players in California were not expelled for a racist TikTok video "prank."

Good News

101-year-old Merrill Pittman Cooper recently received an honorary diploma.


William Cunningham, a racist white man in Washington state, is facing a felony hate crime charge after a video shows he used racial slurs and threatened to kill a Black student at Monroe High School who was in a physical altercation with Cunningham's allegedly racist daughter and her boyfriend.

Good News

The nonprofit Brother Box is on a mission to ensure Black boys have access to a holistic, culturally relevant and equitable education.


A Missouri homecoming sign bearing racist, anti-Black language and shown off by two white teens is being blamed in part on an "African American boy" by the mother of a Olathe South High School student who appeared in the viral photo.


An incident involving Oregon high school students participating in a racist Snapchat group called "Slave Trade" is coming back to haunt some of its members.

Good News

NBA star Russell Westbrook is opening a middle school and high school in Los Angeles.

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North Charleston High School Principal Henry Darby works night shifts at Walmart to support students at his school who are facing financial hardships.

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Songstress Ciara and her husband NFL player Russell Wilson donated $1.75 million to fund a charter school.

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Florida teen Martin Folsom overcame homelessness and was named valedictorian of his high school’s 2020 graduating class.