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While the governor races in Georgia and Florida were serious disappointments, there is some good news. Little Rock, Arkansas made history by electing their first Black mayor.

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There was a runoff election between Democrat Frank Scott Jr. and Republican Baker Kurrus. According to, “Pulaski County Election Commission showed Scott with 9,590 votes and Kurrus, with 5,025 votes.” Kurrus conceded tonight. See the final count  below:

Yesterday, the 35-year-old told The Root he is “unapologetically Black” and “I am a Democrat, but I’m also a very independent person. I’m someone that’s made a career of reaching across the aisle. I am an associate pastor, so I deal with a lot of evangelicals on a lot of different things who happen to be Republican. But I am a Democrat. And I am black. I am a banker. I’m a guy that understands inequality.”

See the announcement of Frank Scott Jr.’s win below:

Little Rock, Arkansas has had two other Black mayors, Charles Bussey in 1981 and Lottie Shackleford in 1987, but they were city directors chosen for the job by board members. This is the first time Arkansas actually elected a Black mayor, which is a huge accomplishment for the city that is arguably most famous for Little Rock Nine. In 1957, nine Black students integrated Little Rock Central High School.

Hopefully, especially in these times where have a President of the United States who proudly says he is a nationalist, this is a sign of progress.


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