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Trump supporters are seriously having trouble finding a bae. First, there are the many criteria one has to meet: you have to be open to lying, sleeping with porn stars, be a raging racist and have a love for orange. According to a founder of a new Trump dating app (yes, there are others), the Make America Great Again cult cannot find partners, so her app will sue any liberals who try to join.

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Christy Edwards Lawton, founder of the Trump dating app Righter, says Trump supporters are constantly being rejected. Therefore, she started the app. But he is also paranoid that “leftists” will try to infiltrate the app and told The Daily Beast, “I have a very nice legal team that will be handling that. This is zero tolerance.” She continued, “Bring it on. This is ridiculous. They’re sitting here suing our president.”

The app allows users to “police” each other by reporting men who don’t pay on the first date. Also, in one marketing technique, Righters posted a photo with “pictures of migrants waiting at a border wall (caption: ‘ACCESS DENIED’) with soldiers stringing barbed wire (‘FREE BENEFITS’).” See below:

Lawton claims they aren’t a “sex app” but wants people to hurry and meet.

All of this sounds pretty foolish and they don’t have to worry about liberal infiltration. They might have to worry about real degenerates. For example, another Trump dating app,, received backlash earlier this year when it was revealed the face of the app was a convicted sex offender.

Make America great again!


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