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Stacey Abrams may have lost the election for governor of Georgia to Brian Kemp and his voter suppression tactics, but she’s not done just yet. Abrams is reportedly thinking of running for the U.S. Senate.

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According to Politico, Abrams said she is not considering running for president, but she is considering challenging Republican Sen. David Perdue in two years—or running for governor again in Georgia. “I am thinking about both,” she said. “Georgia is my state and the changes I talked about in this campaign remain changes I believe are necessary for our state to continue to progress, to serve the entirety of our state, and that the issues that I raised remain urgent and important.”

However, she did add that in the 2020 presidential election, “Particularly for Georgia, we will be a battleground state, I believe, for the first time in more than 20 years.”

Abrams is still fighting back against the Jim Crow stunts that allowed Kemp to win the gubernatorial race. After the unjust loss, she told Chris Hayes on MSNBC, “It was not a free and fair election. Brian Kemp oversaw — for eight years — the systemic dismantling of our democracy and that meant there could not be free and fair elections in Georgia this year.” She has now started the organization Fair Fight Georgia.

If Abrams manages to make voting fair in Georgia, the state just might be a battleground state in 2020.

Stay in the fight, Stacey!


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