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On Nov. 29, Vincent Shaver finished his shift at a Walmart in Las Vegas, Nevada and his boyfriend Charles Clements picked him up. Little did they know they were being followed home by an alleged homophobic co-worker who Shaver had reported, though Walmart did nothing. As we reported earlier today, they were attacked at their home, assaulted, stabbed and neighbors did not help them.

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Shaver, 31, spoke on “The Clay Cane Show” on Sirius XM Urban View today and said about one of the alleged assailants, “I really didn’t know him, me and him just seen each other in passing. When he found out I was gay at the job through co-workers he started saying crazy words to me. Like, derogatory words like, “You’re gay, you’re an abomination, you’re not supposed to be here, just crazy stuff.”

Shaver also said that as they were being attacked, the two men said hateful names, like they were abominations and needed to die. Shaved explained, “We told the police that — that’s why we are lost on why it’s not getting treated as a hate crime.”

According to Fox5 reports, “Kealan Abraham, 34, and Andre Duncan, 39, were arrested on Dec. 2 for battery with a deadly weapon, battery with use of deadly weapon result of substantial bodily harm and conspiracy to commit criminal contempt.”

Shaver also revealed Walmart dropped the ball, saying, “My job really don’t want to interfere into it because this would look bad toward the company. There’s a lot of things they could have did differently… They never even let him go or gave him a warning for bothering me past times or anything.” Listen to Shaver explain in the clip below.

Charles and Vincent were assaulted outside of their Las Vegas home. As they were being attacked on the porch, a glass table was knocked over and one of the suspects began stabbing Vincent in the back. His ribs were broken and his lung was punctured. Charles was hit in the head with a piece of glass. Vincent said his neighbors watched like it was “entertainment.”

See Vincent’s injuries below:

One of the suspects, Kealan Abraham, claims the attack was not “hate motivated,” according to Fox 5.

Shaver told Clay Cane, “How do you follow a gay couple home and you’re antagonizing their sexuality — and that’s not a hate crime? We never did anything to them. We never had a verbal confrontation… Why follow us home? Out of everybody in the store, why follow the gay couple home?”

If you would like to help Charles and Vincent with their medical bills, click here for their GoFundMe page.

See the mugshots below of the alleged suspects Kealan Abraham (left) and Andre Duncan (right).


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