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Meghan McCain is continuing her losing streak on “The View.” Last week, she went viral for disrespecting 76-year-old Joy Behar and this week the 34-year-old had the nerve to reprimand the audience for participating with clapping.

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In case you missed it, John Kelly, who praises treasonous Robert E. Lee and thinks the Civil War was just about a “lack of ability to comprise”, was fired from The White House.  Kelly’s exit is just one of many people in the revolving door of the White House.

While discussing John Kelly on “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin said, “When John Kelly was appointed, I’m thinking, you know, ‘He is this four-star Marine general, he will be the adult in the room.’ But it’s clear that they clashed, that Trump did not listen to him and, honestly, he came in with this wonderful reputation, and I think the administration tarnished that reputation.”

McCain and Abby Huntsman heads nearly exploded as Hostin continued, “When he disparaged Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL), lied about her and refused to apologize, that didn’t look good on his reputation. He endorsed the controversial and short-lived policy of separating children from their immigrant parents in an effort to deter illegal crossings.”

McCain nearly yelled, “You’re talking about children! He gave a child for our freedom — his son died in combat!” Enduring McCain once again trying to colonize the conversation, Hostin pointed out his support of the Civil War, which is another notch his racist belt.

The audience clapped for the facts Hostin was stating, which pissed of the Ice Princess, the name “The View” staff allegedly call her. She babbled, “I just think it’s weird to be clapping. Whatever you think about his politics, he lost his son in combat for freedom, and again, clapping in that way, again, your call. Everyone can interpret him differently. I think there are some things that precede politics, and losing a son and being part of a Gold Star family is one of those things.”

Yep, McCain actually thinks because a man lost his son in combat, like so many other Americans, that he is immune to criticism even though he was the White House Chief of Staff. The comment is ironic and a bit disgusting considering Trump’s treatment of the Khan family and the family of La David Johnson, who was killed in Niger in October of 2017.

Watch the deplorable moment below:


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