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White people can get away with murder and rape with no convictions. We also can’t forget that white folks can brutally attack a police officer and, for a reason that you can clearly figure out on your own, no one is in fear for their life. The latest incident is an unruly savage who is literally throwing a boulder at police and she lived to tell about it – completely unscathed.

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Activist Shaun King wrote on his Instagram, “Surrounded by police, this white woman has a huge rock in her hand, throws it at the cop, then says ‘f*ck you you son of a bitch.’ Then lives to tell the story. I have literally seen Black & Latino men and women shot & killed doing what she did, or far less. Her whiteness is almost like a forcefield that keeps police from even considering using their guns. Listen, I’m glad they didn’t shoot her. I don’t want that. I just want police to give equal justice. That’s all.”

See for yourself below:

No word on what happened to Miss White Lady or where this incident took place, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she was in the comfort of her own home, spending less time in jail than peaceful protesters for Botham Jean.

Considering this footage is so annoying, let’s revisit when Thug Granny, also known as Judy Tucker of Macon, Georgia, attacked a Black woman who was not only a solider but pregnant. Thankfully, she was arrested. See the glorious mugshot below.


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