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While we all appreciate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s fearlessness and bold opinions as Representative of New York’s 14th District, not everyone is supportive of her consistently slamming the Democratic party. Whoopi Goldberg laid into the Bronx native on “The View” this morning.

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While talking to Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes,” Ocasio-Cortez said, “We as a party have compromised too much. And we’ve lost too much of who we’re supposed to be and who we are.”

Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t here for it. She told “The View” audience, “[Ocasio-Cortez is] very opinionated, which we like. We like opinionated women. But it is very, very difficult when people make accusations where you say, you know, the Democrats have done nothing, the establishment of the Democrats have done nothing.”

She continued, “And I just want to throw this out to you. [Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.)] wasn’t sitting still. [Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)] wasn’t sitting still… You just got in there, and I know you got lots of good ideas, but I would encourage you to sit still for a minute and learn the job. There are people in that party who have been working their tails off for this country. You could learn some stuff from them.”

She added, “You don’t have to know it when you step out, but before you start pooping on people and what they’ve done, you got to do something, too.” Ocasio-Cortez is a master at the clap back, but she hasn’t responded to Whoopi, which is probably a good idea. See the clip below:

Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman elected to Congress at the age of 29. While Goldberg makes some important points, especially referencing Rep. John Lewis, who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, we are still looking forward to the change Ocasio-Cortez will bring to D.C.


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