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It has been a rough year for Pastor John Gray, according to him. First, the megachurch pastor and reality television star was dragged to ungodly hell for sitting with Trump for a photo-op. Most recently, Gray revealed he was cheating on his wife, which was allegedly why he bought her a $200,000 Lamborghini Urus and considering a divorce. In addition, he said he was suicidal, which is why Bishop TD Jakes exorcized the “spirit of suicide” from the 45-year-old.

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During Gray’s New Year’s Eve service, Gray said, “I literally thought about how I could end my life and still get to Heaven and somehow my kids would not be scared but there was no way I could figure out how to do it and I’m not the only person that thought about that. I’m not the only person the devil attacked in that area.”

Jakes was speaking at a pastor’s leadership conference on Saturday and walked up to Gray, saying, “There’s too much anointing in this room to minister to everybody else and leave you sitting over there festering, and festering, and festering, especially, you said it in a joking way, but especially when the spirit of suicide hangs around your house, trying to get you back.” He then screamed, “I call it out!” Pastor John Gray collapsed to the floor.

Jakes continued, “You’re gifted. You’re anointed. You’ve always been gifted because you’ve been broken. You’ve always been gifted because you’ve been broken. And you know how to flow and you know how to bless everybody and everybody got your gift but nobody got you. Nobody got you. Nobody got you. They got your gift, but they never got you. And God is touching you. He’s using it to touch you. He’s going to make a man out of you.”

Just recently, Gray also admitted to cheating on his wife, Aventer Gray who blamed his infidelity on the “devil.” She also said, “I put Scripture on that strange woman! I put Scripture on that strange woman! She don’t want it with me and she don’t want it with y’all, amen!”

They are now hosting a “relationship conference.”

See Gray’s confession below starting around the 4:30 mark.


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