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Countless musicians have reportedly turned down performing at the Super Bowl due to the NFL’s ban on Colin Kaepernick. However, Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner‘s baby’s father, was the lone Black artist to say yes. Now, another person has agreed: Big Boi from the legendary hip hop group Outkast.

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The NFL said in a statement that he has agreed to perform. Big Boi wrote on Twitter, “ATL let’s get it!”

Big Boi is getting slammed by his own fans for appearing to not stand in solidarity with other artists. In case you missed it, pop band Maroon 5 agreed to perform at the Super Bowl in February and allegedly asked several Black artists to perform with them. Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, Cardi B, Usher and Nicki Minaj all reportedly said no. Rihanna gave a hard no back in October and even Pink declined. But when Travis Scott said yes, the rapper was promptly trampled by social media. reported that two sources were claiming that Jay Z was reaching out to Scott to tell him not to perform. Even Maroon 5 was hit with backlash through a petition, which had more than 75,000 signatures and begged them not to perform.

It’s not only the treatment of Kaepernick, but the the rich white men at the Super Bowl and CBS, including the creepy Les Moonves (who attempted to destroy Janet Jackson’s career over a wardrobe malfunction in 2004, letting Justin Timberlake walked away unscathed). Therefore, the Super Bowl does not deserve one millisecond of Black artists during their Halftime Show. Big Boi doesn’t seem to agree and is getting trampled in the comments of sections of his own post.  One user wrote, “Sold out for the super bowl thats (sic) crazy.” Another tweeted, “Nah, b. This ain’t it.” And there is this tweet: “And ‘Chrisette Michele’ is back…Outkast legacy is D.O.N.E. #MAGA.”

The Hollywood Reporter also says that Travis Scott demanded the NFL make a charitable donation to a “social justice” cause for him to perform. No word on what this “cause” was.


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