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Skin bleaching in African countries is a huge business. Sadly, in nations like Nigeria, 77% of women use skin bleaching creams. According to the World Health Organization, the chemicals in skin bleaching creams can cause liver damage, reduced resistance to infections, anxiety, depression and psychosis. Thankfully, one African country is taking a stand against skin bleaching creams.

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Al Jazeera reports, skin bleaching creams are now banned in the country of Rwanda. The government is enforcing a ban on the products by removing them from stores. However, there are concerns that some people will buy “unregulated products,” which can put their health at even more risk. The ban began in November under President Paul Kagame.

Al Jazeera reports one woman, Agne Amiwanak, sho said she uses the products so she’ll be more attractive to her husband, who likes lighter-skinned women. She is quoted as saying, “If I don’t have these products, I’m afraid I’ll become too dark like I used to be. I still have a few products left, but I hate the thought of becoming darker.”

Last year, reality star Blac Chyna received tons of backlash for promoting a skin bleaching cream offensively titled “Whitenicious x Blac Chyna Collection.” The alleged toxins cost $250.

Chyna even promoted the product in Lagos, Nigeria in November. However, TMZ reported she never used the cream, saying, “Despite her partnership with Whitenicious by Dencia to roll out her ‘Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream,’ she’s never applied it to her own skin. We’re told BC was presented with a business opportunity and offered good money to promote the cream — which goes for $250 per Swarovski crystals-studded jar — so she said yes.”


Thankfully, Rwanda is banning the dangerous creams and is reportedly the third country to do so. South Africa and Ghana also ban the creams. Hopefully, the ban will spread across Africa.


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