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In a sign that time really was up for R. Kelly, the high-profile attorney Gloria Allred announced on Monday that she would be representing at least two of the disgraced singer’s accusers. The woman who was the lawyer for at least 28 women who accused now-convicted sex criminal Bill Cosby has an impressive track record that should make the disgraced singer even more worried about his future.

Allred was front and center at a press conference in New York City on Monday where she announced she “had proof of [R. Kelly’s] retaliation and intimidation tactics against one accuser, Faith Rodgers,” USA Today reported.

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Rodgers was one of the many women featured on “Surviving R. Kelly,” the bombshell docuseries that included the first-person accounts from other accusers and their family members that have already resulted in criminal investigations surrounding allegations that the singer has abused underage girls and young women.

Prior to appearing on the Lifetime network’s multi-episode docuseries, Rodgers told CBS News in May that Kelly purposely infected her with a sexually transmitted disease. In her lawsuit, she says the singer “willfully, deliberately and maliciously” infected her with herpes and that he “mentally, physically and verbally” abused her. She dated him for a year, said she was forced to call him “daddy,” introduced her to one of five women he was “raising” and said he filmed non-consensual sex.

On Monday, Allred provided some more context to Rodgers’ lawsuit by indicating that Kelly threatened her with revenge porn.

“In response to Faith’s lawsuit, Kelly retaliated against her by threatening to reveal what he alleges are details of her sex life. In addition, he posted private photos of her,” Allred said during the press conference. “One threat was contained in a letter Mr. Kelly wrote to Lydia Hills, an attorney for Ms. Rodgers, as follows: ‘If she persists in court actions, she will be subject to public opinion during the discovery process. For example, my law team is prepared to request a production of the medical test results proving the origin of her STD claim, as well as 10 male witnesses testifying under oath about her sex life (and) complete records of her texts and FaceTime exchanges.”

Aside from representing Cosby’s accusers, Allred has had her hand in many other high profile cases, including but not limited to the O.J. Simpson trial, Mel “Scary Spice” Brown suing Murphy and the Tiger Woods scandal.

Allred was also the lawyer for an accuser of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, whose allegations of rape and other criminal sexual misconduct promptly ended his career.

The same may happen to Kelly after avoiding more than two decades of sexual charges, including a child porn trial that surprised many when he was acquitted in 2008.


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