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One thing you can be sure of after the Super Bowl ends is that white men will go into a destructive rage with no consequences. And so, of course, that happened after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl Sunday night in Atlanta.

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See the video below of shirtless, hairy white thugs attacking anything that moves. They also appear to be assaulting a person of color.

Of course, there are no police officers in sight. We all know if this would’ve been Black men, cops would have been called, guns would have been drawn within seconds and arrests would have been made.

Conservatives constantly babble about “law and order” and respecting police while at the same time saying that peaceful protesters like Black Lives Matter or kneeling NFL players don’t “respect the flag”, law enforcement or our entire country. But if you are a raging white man whose head is exploding because of the Super Bowl, you’re just letting off some steam.

Let us remind you when white men caused millions of dollars in damage in Philadelphia last year after the Super Bowl, a Fox News host actually said police should calm down. Brian Kilmeade babbled, “This is a nice celebration. This should be a time for law enforcement to relax.” See for yourself below:

In addition, according to PhillyMag.comJohn Rigsby, who was 20 years old during last year’s riots, was one of the men who flipped over a car. However, because he happened to be the son of veteran Villanova basketball radio announcer Robert “Whitey” Rigsby, he walked away with no legal repercussions.

Originally, Rigsby was charged with rioting, criminal conspiracy, recklessly endangering others, and criminal mischief — the first two charges were felonies that could have carried jail time. reported that Rigsby, “who is represented by veteran Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Frank DeSimone,” has entered “an accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) probationary program. …  Under ARD, a defendant can completely avoid prosecution if they stick to the terms of their probation and don’t break the law for the duration of the ARD, which, in Rigsby’s case, is one year.”

In addition, “the monthly probation supervision fees, normally paid by the defendant, have been waived.” Also, according to the Philadelphia Police Department, no one else was arrested for the car-flipping incident “although the department originally said that as many as seven suspects were sought.”

Yep, all charges were dropped.

Young, privileged and white. Must be nice.


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