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UPDATE: People is also now reporting that Woods’ wife is planning to leave him. A source says, “She’s made up her mind. There’s nothing to think about: he’s never going to change.”

The Mirror reports that Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren may be seeing celebrity lawyer Sorrell Trope as soon as next week. According to the article, “Elin is believed to be planning to file for divorce in California — where the couple have a home — and not Florida, where they live.” Filing for divorce in California would increase the chances that the couple’s property would be split evenly between the two.

Nordegren was recently spotted without her wedding ring, and MSNBC’s The Scoop quotes a source who says “she and Tiger are living separately now, but she’ll be making this split very open and official right after Christmas.”

Meanwhile, a source tells TMZ that Nordegren is “very close” to signing a contract with Puma, a rival of Nike, the apparel company with which Woods has long been affiliated. This report comes as Woods is struggling to keep his sponsors.

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