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Sen. Kamala Harris is lighting up social media daily. However, when she talked about lighting up on “The Breakfast Club,” it appeared she mixed up her dates. Many folks interpreted Harris said she smoked in college when she was listening to 2Pac and Snoop. However, the two iconic rappers hadn’t released their first album by the time she graduated from college in 1989. DJ Envy, Charlamagne and Anglea Yee says everyone has it wrong.

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While on MSNBC, the crew explained that when she answered the question, she was revealing what music she listens to — not her soundtrack for when she was blazing.

Fox News had a field day with what they perceived as her lying. DJ Envy said the conservative network, “Absolutely, positively lied. I mean, we wanted to humanize her, not just talk about politics, talk about what she likes, what she does and I asked what she listens to and she said she listens to Snoop Dogg and Tupac at the same time my co-host was still talking about the marijuana and it was just a funny exchange.”

See Envy explain below around the 6:30 mark:

In case you missed it, while being interviewed on Monday, Harris was asked if she smoked weed in the past. “I have,” she answered. “And I inhaled. I did inhale.” She confirmed she got high while in college. When asked the music she listens to she responded with, “Definitely Snoop, 2Pac for sure.” But Charlamagne also asked what she listened to when she smoked marijuana, therefore, people interpreted the Snoop and 2Pac reference was to her time in college.

Social media had a field day and #KamalaHarrisRapGenius went viral. See the interview below:

While many are excited about Harris’ run, there are questions about her rough history as it relates to criminal justice. As Attorney General of California, she was a huge advocate of truancy laws that charged parents a fee for their children being truant and locking the parent up if they could not pay the fee. A article from June ripped into Harris, “Kamala Harris’ career was built on both the slave labor of black and brown prisoners and also the pettiness of truancy laws that separated poor and mostly black mothers from their children. Harris was so proud of her history with taking mothers from their children that she used it as her signature campaign agenda while running for AG.”

In “The Breakfast Club” interview, Harris didn’t specifically address reportedly advocating for California’s horrific three-strikes law but she stood by truancy laws.


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