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An Alabama school district was coping with a public relations nightmare on Thursday because of a teacher who used a racial slur days after students were seen in a racist viral video last weekend.

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The Hoover County school superintendent confirmed on Wednesday that school officials launched an investigation of a white teacher who allegedly used the N-word when talking to African-American students about the video, reported.

Spain Park High School students and faculty had set aside Tuesday to discuss the fallout from the video, which received nearly 2 million views by Thursday morning.

The teacher reportedly told the Black students that it was alright for her to use the N-word because everyone uses it.

In the 1-minute video, the white students are seen making racist statements about Black people and Jews. “F**k n***ers, f**k Jews,” one boy says.

A girl injects: “Jews are fine because they’re white. We just need the n***ers gone,” adding that “n***ers” are only good for making rap music and playing football.

The video sparked outrage and wide-ranging discussions on social media.

One typical comment was that kids like them will grow up to become police officers, judges and teachers.

But others said they were surprised that white liberals are so shocked by the racism that is part of the fabric of this nation, especially in the South.

Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato issued a statement on the city’s behalf.

“The City of Hoover condemns racism and hatred in every form and at any place or time. We are deeply disturbed by a video that is currently circulating on social media. Our city is a place for all people to live, work and play in a safe environment,” the mayor said.

You may recall that the Birmingham suburb was in the news recently when an officer shot Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr. in the back and killed him on Thanksgiving night at a shopping mall. Brocato vowed transparency in the investigation of the white officer who killed Bradford, who was Black. But that never happened, and the officer was never charged with a crime.

Meanwhile, school officials said they are investigating the students. Since the video was recorded off campus, they are trying to figure out what actions–if any–can be taken against them, according to

As for the teacher, she was sent home after the N-word incident was reported. However, in many such cases, teachers receive only a slap on the wrist for using racial slurs in the classroom.


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