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NFL player Brandon Copeland is using his platform as an avenue to spread awareness about the importance of financial literacy. According to CNBC, while Copeland is in the off season he’s leading a seminar about how to manage finances at the University of Pennsylvania.

The class that Copeland is teaching —which he calls “Life 101”—explores how to navigate everyday financial situations, including planning for retirement, building credit, and making smart investments, the news outlet writes. The New York Jets linebacker has been dedicated to creating a strong foundation for himself outside of the NFL. Copeland, who graduated from the Wharton School, worked on Wall Street two years ago during the off season and co-founded a real estate company with his wife in 2018.

“I don’t care if you’re an engineering student, a nursing student, if you’re going to build rockets when you grow up or if you’re going to sweep floors. You’re going to have to use something in this class,” he said in a statement, according to the news outlet. “The point of this class isn’t for me to tell you how to spend your money. It’s for you to understand what spending your money is doing for you.”

Copeland—who inked a $1.2 million contact with the Jets last year—saves and invests nearly 90 percent of his salary. 60 percent of his income goes towards investments and 30 percent goes into his savings. He says he knows football won’t last forever and wants to make sure that he is financially secure when he’s no longer playing on the field.

There have been several platforms created to bring attention to the significance of financial literacy. Last year 29-year-old entrepreneur Sheena Allen launched CapWay as an avenue to make banking fair and accessible for underserved communities. Through the app, Allen hopes to change perspectives surrounding spending habits.


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