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History will be made in Chicago’s City Hall one way or another after the Windy City’s mayoral election on Tuesday. Either Lori Lightfoot or Toni Preckwinkle, two Black women, will be elected mayor of Chicago in April.

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According to the Board of Election Commissioners for Chicago, Lightfoot won 17.48% of the vote and Preckwinkle had 15.96% with 95% of precincts reporting, which means they will have a runoff election on April 2. The winner will determine who will replace Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is not running for reelection.

Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor, said on Twitter, “Congratulations to on making it to the runoff election. No matter which one of us wins, Chicago will make history on April 2nd by electing the first Black woman mayor. It’s long overdue.”

On Wednesday morning, Lightfoot told ABC News that she wanted to separate herself from the city’s reputation for political corruption.

“I am an independent reform candidate. I do not represent the past,” she said. “I am not tied to the broken political machine. I didn’t aspire to climb the ranks of the Cook County Democratic Party to be the party boss. I am not affiliated with Ed Burke, or Joe Berrios or anyone else who really represents the old corrupt Chicago way.”

Preckwinkle, also speaking with ABC News, ran down her resume to convince voters that she deserved to be Chicago’s next mayor.

“As executive of the county, I have managed the second-largest county in the second-largest county in the country for the last eight years and we’ve done that reducing expenses by $850 million, reducing our workforce and our indebtedness,” she said. “I have both local government experience and management experience in a large unit of government and I think that those are things that will appeal to the voters.”

Both women are progressive candidates and stand behind Democratic policies like a $15 minimum wage and legalizing marijuana.

If Lightfoot wins, she will be the first LGBT mayor of Chicago. She is for massive police reform but has been accused of giving “a personal loyalty oath to Rahm Emanuel,” which she has denied.

Preckwinkle has said she’s been an advocate for police reform, claiming she “took on the police department and politicians to expose the truth about Laquan McDonald.” However, she has been accused of “inflating” her role in the McDonald case.

Nonetheless, either of these women would be a win for Chicago. See the reaction from Twitter below.