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Another day, another feud for Wendy Williams.

Aretha Franklin‘s estate was ripping into the talk show host for comments Williams made about the upcoming film “Amazing Grace,” which is about The Queen of Soul recording her iconic 1972 gospel album.

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“When you don’t have real professional people doing real professional things for you, sometimes you lose out…,” Williams said about the film on during an episode of her show that aired Friday. “Nobody’s going to the movies to see a one-shot deal, like black-and-white.”

She also added, “I would imagine that now the bill collectors are like, ‘OK, rest in peace, Aretha Franklin. But we still need our money for this, we need money for that.  So by putting this movie out, I would say the estate is probably going to be paying bills with this.”

Williams also jabbed Franklin for not looking like “showgirl glamour.”

Watch below, around the 17:00-minute mark:

Franklin’s estate quickly clapped back, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“While Franklin had initially imposed an injunction on ‘Amazing Grace,’ her objections had nothing to do with its quality; negotiations were incomplete at the time of her death… Contrary to Williams’ derisive reference, there is no ‘Cousin Junebug’ making decisions for the Estate,” the statement said in part.

As for Franklin’s appearance, the statement also read, “1972 was the era of Black Power and Black Is Beautiful. In her short natural hair and simple makeup, Ms. Franklin was in step with the times and appropriate to the occasion. There was no ‘showgirl glamor,’ no ‘pressed hair’ and no ‘eyelashes’ — the lack of which Williams ridiculed on her program. The simplicity of the presentation gives ‘Amazing Grace’ its power.”

In addition, the film’s director, Sydney Pollock, didn’t use one camera — there were five.

The statement closed with, “Wendy Williams is the host of the most-watched daytime gossip show in syndicated television. However, that does not give her license to offer misleading commentary about a legacy entertainer based on unverified information. In this instance, the show’s research team let Williams down. At a time when the media is fighting a battle against ‘fake news,’ Williams’ continues to perpetuate false facts, and her commentary was irresponsible.”

Wendy also caught heat last week from Howard Stern after she said she is “of the people” while insisting the shock-jock went Hollywood. Stern unleashed a verbal assault on Wendy on his Sirius XM show on Friday morning. Listen below, the language is brutal.

After a series of guest hosts during a brief hiatus, Williams returned to her talk show on March 4 and the drama has been non-stop ever since.


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