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Wendy Williams has been a hot topic for months but she is the one hot topic that she will never discuss. That wasn’t stopping leaks coming from her television show and even now from jewelers. Allegedly, her husband Kevin Hunter bought her a watch for $40,000 to make up for his trifling ways.

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Eddie Rubin of Flawless Jewelry said Hunter had “Williams’ Franck Muller watch ‘upgraded’ by adding diamonds to it. He did not purchase a new watch for his wife,” Page Six reported. He did this on March 28, before his alleged mistress gave birth.

The watch reportedly has “25  carats worth of diamonds placed on the band and around the face of the watch.” The watch is now supposedly valued at a whopping $40,000. Was this his way of apologizing before his “oops baby” came?

Times appear to be tough for Williams. After Sharina Hudson, her husband’s alleged mistress, gave birth, the talk show host was supposedly hospitalized.

Williams was allegedly found drunk, hospitalized and given IV fluids, Page Six reported.

“Wendy is not in a good way, everyone is so concerned for her,” a close source reportedly said. “The sad thing is that she’s been working so hard to stay sober and she’s been so honest in her struggles with all her fans, and this just tipped her over the edge. But the fact she still came to the set just shows how strong she’s trying to be.”

Williams was recently photographed without her mammoth wedding ring. See below:

Wendy’s husband has allegedly had a longtime mistress whom he bought a home for years ago just down the street from where he lives with Williams. Love B. Scott exclusively reported in December that the woman was pregnant.

“She’s allegedly pregnant and still living just down the street from their house. Word around the show is that they’re going to divorce sometime now that little Kevin has gone (sic) college,” the site wrote.

Love B. Scott received a cease and desist letter from Wendy’s lawyers, asking to remove the story that her husband had another woman pregnant and she was filing for divorce. The letter stated, “Mrs. Wendy Williams-Hunter and Mr. Kevin Hunter categorically deny each and every allegation made by your ‘sources’, even if not specifically enumerated herein.”

The letter was a bizarre twist considering the daytime TV diva has made a career out of talking about other people.

We hope Wendy gets better and stays better.


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