The One Story: HBCUs And The Gatekeeping Of Black Culture
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State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has been attacked by the powers that be in Chicago ever since her office dropped the 16 felony counts Jussie Smollett was charged with. The Chicago Police Union has protested her and called for the resignation of the first Black woman to serve in this role.

And she is not backing down, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

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“I cannot run an office that is driven by anger and public sentiment,” Foxx said while speaking at Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition on Saturday. “I must run an office that looks at the facts, the evidence and the law on every case. That is my responsibility.”

Foxx then implied she was being attacked because she is a Black woman.

“I think we have to ask ourselves, what is this really about? As someone who has lived in this city — who came up from the projects of this city to serve as the first African-American woman in this role — it is disheartening to me, and to the women and men who I represent… that when we get in these positions, goal posts change,” she said.

Absolutely no lies there.

“I stand with our partners in law enforcement every day,” she added. “I will never speak ill about our partners in this work. And even though there are challenges between any relationship, you have never seen the Cook County state’s attorney stand at any podium, stand in any room, and disrespect or disregard any of those partners.”

Foxx met this weekend with a group of more than a dozen Black mayors and seven Black police chiefs from the south suburbs who said they “were satisfied with her addressing our questions and concerns,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Even if Smollett was guilty, which has not been proven, it’s a class 4 felony, the least serious category, which covers things like falsely pulling a fire alarm in school.

On Jan. 29, while walking to a subway, Smollett claimed two men yelled racial and homophobic slurs at him, investigators told The Hollywood Reporter. They allegedly punched and poured bleach on him while one of the suspects put a rope around his neck. As they fled the scene, Smollett told police they said, “This is MAGA country.”

Smollett has maintained his innocence from the beginning.


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