Eddie Johnson blasted the "Empire" actor now he is under investigation.

Just a few weeks ago, Lori Lightfoot seemed ready to waste more taxpayer money on Jussie Smollett.

Is Jussie Smollett supposed to never make happy facial expressions again?

She is the first Black woman to be the Cook County's State Attorney and she is not backing down.

State’s Attorney Kim Foxx refused the Chicago police union and white police chiefs' call to resign.

Doesn't Chicago have more important things to worry about?

Is Lori Lightfoot going to be Rahm Emanuel 2.0? Maybe she should focus on the cops who got away with covering up the murder Laquan McDonald.

She also had some words for the Chicago Police Department.

The Chicago Police Union should clearly have more to focus on than Jussie Smollett and Kim Foxx.

Kim Foxx is under fire by the Chicago Police.