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Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall doubled down on her decision to file a felony charge against a Black woman seen on video last month being brutally beaten by a racist white man.

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While expressing no regrets, the police chief also admitted that she should have managed the case differently, Fox4 News reported on Tuesday.

Hall failed to discuss the felony charge against L’Daijohnique Lee with Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot who decided not to prosecute the 24-year-old Black woman.

Just a week ago, Hall offered a lame explanation for her communication failure after Creuzot said he was caught off guard by Hall’s criminal mischief warrant against Lee. The victim admitted to damaging Austin Shuffield’s pickup truck after he pulled a gun on Lee and punched her unconscious.

Hall also admitted that she was outraged after watching the video of the March 21 attack.

“Let’s start with talking about the emotions of the people. In law enforcement to see a woman — I’m a woman — get beaten by a man so violently, we’re angry. I’m angry,” Hall said.

Nevertheless, Hall stands firm about her decision to charge the victim.

The way Hall handled the case underscored what could be a growing rift between the city’s newly elected top cop and the police chief, both of whom are African-American. There’s no doubt that she also raised red flags in Dallas’ Black community.

Activists previously slammed her for mismanaging the Botham Jean case. The unarmed 26-year-old Black man was gunned down in his own apartment in September by then-Dallas cop Amber Guyger.

Hall previously claimed that she was legally “prohibited” from firing Guyger—which several reports claimed was not true. Along with Guyger not being fired, it took 72 hours for Guyger to be charged. There were also delays in searching Guyger’s apartment even after five search warrants were issued.

The case involving Lee and Shuffield ignited outrage and street protests. During their dispute at a parking lot, Shuffield reportedly called Lee a “stupid nigger” before attacking her.

Here’s a video clip that contains graphic content.

Hall, looking to the future, said the new Community Police Oversight Board would help build bridges between cops and community and improve relationships in cases like this.


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