Convicted of the 2018 murder of Botham Jean, Guyger's appeal fell flat as a three-judge panel upheld her murder conviction.


A Dallas County judge ordered the release of Bryan Riser, a former Dallas cop accused of capital murder.


U. Reneé Hall -- the first Black woman to be chief of police in Dallas -- is set to step down from her position in November.

A judge ruled that Dallas can't be liable as part of a civil suit filed over former police officer Amber Guyger killing Botham Jean in his own apartment last year. That means the Dallas Police Department also can't be held liable.


A family spokesperson confirmed Marquis Jefferson passed away.

The family of Atatiana Jefferson have made it clear they will not have the forgiveness of the Botham Jean family.

The Fort Worth Police Department was in shameless damage control mode after one of its officers killed Atatiana Jefferson, a Black woman in her own home by shooting his gun through a house window.


More people explain why an independent investigation is needed for the murder of a key witness.

Botham Jean’s family lawyers said they came away from the first day of jury selection feeling optimistic about Amber Guyger's murder trial.

While Dallas cops were preparing as if Amber Guyger will be acquitted for killing Botham Jean, Allison Jean, the shooting victim’s mother, said she was “anxious” for the murder trial to begin.

The Dallas Police Department has reportedly gotten orders that make it seem as if there were expectations that the former cop will be acquitted.