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Sen. Kamala Harris has been out on the campaign trail for what will be an epic battle to win the Democratic primary for president. She was one of many candidates who must decide if they want to distance themselves from former President Barack Obama or align themselves with him. It seems that Harris may have chosen the former.

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On Thursday, she was asked, “Would you call yourself an Obama Democrat?”

Harris quickly shook her head no and responded, “I call myself Kamala.”

The question could have been perceived as bait but let’s hope Harris isn’t truly opposed to being placed in the same category as one of the greatest presidents of our lifetime. That said, what exactly is an “Obama Democrat”?

Harris has been framing herself as her own person. On the day she announced her candidacy, she conducted her first press conference at the historically Black Howard University. She was asked a variety of questions but when asked about how she identifies, she simply said she was a “proud American.”

The reporter asked, “You’re an African-American woman, but you are also Indian American. How do you describe yourself?”

Harris succinctly responded, “How do I describe myself? I describe myself as a proud American.”

While at a CNN Town Hall with Jake Tapper, Harris consistently referred to herself as a woman of color, which some folks interpreted as her dodging saying the word, Black. See below:

That said, she told the crew at “The Breakfast Club” she would “die Black.”

While many people are excited about Harris’ run, there were still questions about her rough history as it relates to criminal justice. As attorney general of California, she was a huge advocate of laws that charged parents a fee for their children being truant and locking the parent(s) up if fees were not paid. article from June ripped into Harris:

“Kamala Harris’ career was built on both the slave labor of black and brown prisoners and also the pettiness of truancy laws that separated poor and mostly black mothers from their children. Harris was so proud of her history with taking mothers from their children that she used it as her signature campaign agenda while running for AG.”

Harris has also specifically addressed reports that she advocated for California’s horrific three-strikes law.

Chances are pretty high that all of the above issues will be raised before and during the first presidential debate in South Carolina early next year.


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