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Tinder realizes George Zimmerman is unsafe. Too bad the authorities in Florida can’t come to the same conclusion. The thug who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012 has officially been banned from the dating app.

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The dating app released a statement to The Huffington Post that read, “At Tinder, we take our users’ safety very seriously and our team has removed this profile from our platform.” The representative also said Tinder spends “millions of dollars annually” to “prevent, monitor and remove bad actors who have violated our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use from our app.” Zimmerman’s name was never mentioned. 

According to Creative Loafing, Zimmerman was going by the name Carter on Tinder. His profile read he was a self employed “consultant” who studied at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. See below:

The Daily Mail reported, “Zimmerman has been booted from another app, Bumble, twice.” The thug was banned to make the app “safer.” He was reportedly on Okay Cupid and one person he messaged allegedly responded with, “There isn’t a special dating app for, like, you and Casey Anthony?” Anthony is the woman who was found not guilty of killing her child in 2011.

From aggravated assault and domestic violence in 2015 to attempting to auction off the gun he used to kill Trayvon to accusations criminal stalking in May, this man should not be on the streets.

In case you forgot, The Blast reported Back in May that he sent violent messages sent to Dennis Warren, a private investigator who was hired to find participants to be in the Trayvon Martin, which was produced by Jay-Z.  Zimmerman wrote, “And I’m bringing hell with me. Oh yeah and tell Jay-Z he’s a b**ch and his wife is a broke whore, If I see either of them in my life, they’ll find themselves inside a 13 foot gator.”

In May, Zimmerman was accused of criminally stalking Warren. He reportedly called Warren 55 times, left 36 voicemails, sent 67 texts and 27 emails all within nine days from December 16 to Christmas. One of the texts reportedly read, “I know how to handle people who f**k with me. I have since February of 2012,” which is when he killed Trayvon Martin.

On January 3, a Seminole County sergeant reportedly contacted Zimmerman about the stalking. CBS News reports, he berated her and said, “You have been involved with me since that Martin kid.”

Zimmerman was charged with misdemeanor stalking and served no jail time.


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