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Things may have been worse for Wendy Williams than people imagined. There is a new report claiming her newly estranged husband Kevin Hunter previously tried to poison her.

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Someone alleging to work for Williams’ production company called the police and demanded they pay a safety visit to the TV show host back in January, TMZ reported Tuesday morning.

“The caller believed Kevin was slipping Wendy something harmful, and he or she wanted cops to check on her,” TMZ wrote.

TMZ went on to report that “[o]fficers went to Williams’ New Jersey residence and were greeted by Hunter, who was hesitant to let them in for the welfare check because he said Wendy was sick and recovering from a health problem.” They told Hunter they were required to speak Williams because of an anonymous call. They found the talk show host in bed “with the blanket covering from neck to toe.”

One of the officers reportedly told her husband to leave the bedroom to talk to her alone but he refused. The report wrote that Williams told cops she was healing from a broken shoulder.

“An officer eventually asked her if there was any truth to the anonymous tip she was being poisoned, and Wendy responded with something like … ‘Well, I’m very popular.’ When the cop repeated the question, the report says she became tearful, but denied there was any truth to it,” TMZ wrote.

The cops reportedly eventually left.

Williams is divorcing her husband after being married for nearly two decades. Hunter was also fired as the executive producer of his wife’s talk show.

The chips are falling hard for Hunter. On April 13, Aveon Falstar, a former artist of Hunter, alleged on the podcast unWineWithTashaK” that he had a sexual relationship with him throughout last year. He accused Hunter of abuse and said his attorneys sent a “pre-suit” demand letter that addressed sexual assault and sexual humiliation. He admitted to asking for an undisclosed amount of money.

Hunter’s attorney has denied all allegations.

Sharina Hudson, Hunter’s alleged mistress, reportedly gave birth to their child last month. Hunter also allegedly bought Hudson a home just down the street from where he was living with Williams.


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