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The legendary Diana Ross said she had an uncomfortable experience at an airport over the weekend and has now come out and slammed the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for her ordeal. The 75-year-old icon was performing at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and took to Twitter on Saturday to express how happy she was to be in the city for the show.

However, the very next day, she tweeted about her experience flying at New Orleans’ airport.

“OK so on one hand I’m treated like royalty in New Orleans and at the airport I was treated like shit.” She continued in a separate tweet: “Let me be clear , Not the peiple [sic] or Delta BUT TSA , was over the top !! Makes me want to cry.”

She also added in a third tweet, “Its not what was done but how , I am feeling violated – I still feel her hands between my legs , front and back ( saying to me it her job ,) WOW!!really mixed emotions I always like to see the good things but not feeling good right now.”

The TSA defended its behavior but said it would look into Ross’ claims, the Guardian reported Monday morning.

“Initial review of CCTV indicates that the officers involved with Ms Ross’s screening correctly followed all protocols, however, TSA leadership will continue to investigate the matter further,” a TSA spokesperson said. “We encourage Ms Ross to reach out to TSA so we can work with her directly to address her concerns.”

This isn’t Miss Ross’ first time having an issue with airport security. Back in 1999, she was arrested at Heathrow Airport in London after allegedly assaulting a female security officer who tried to body-search her. When Ross’ breasts were checked during a search, she touched the officer’s breast, saying, “How do you like it?”

She told reporters: “I’m absolutely furious. Do you know when they search you, they actually touch your breast? It’s disgraceful. They wouldn’t touch a man’s penis, would they?”

A security man guard said, “She suddenly went mad. She was shouting and screaming that the girl had touched her breast.”

After being arrested, Ross was released, a spokesperson said at the time, “She has been released after being cautioned. It is a black mark, but not a charge. That was deemed the appropriate action.”

Ross was in better spirits Sunday morning, when she tweeted, “Im feeling better , it took a minute.”


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