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We all love TJ Holmes from his days on CNN, BET and now he is currently rocking it on “Good Morning America.” However, we got to see another side of TJ when he appeared on SiriusXM Urban View’s “The Clay Cane Show” to play a weekly segment called “Black Trivia Quiz.” The handsome journalist was paired with television host and attorney Eboni K. Williams and it was too hilarious.

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“Black Trivia Quiz” airs every Thursday and is a fun trivia game that covers pop culture, history and sports — but, most importantly, it is all things Black. Previous guests have included NBA player Rick Fox, actress Holly Robinson Peete and CNN’s Keith Boykin. TJ and Eboni were contestants yesterday and while Eboni won, it sounds like she was pulling some tricks. At one point, Eboni is clearly peaking over at Holmes’ answer while he exclaims, “Are you serious? She’s cheating!?

Eboni responds with, “I’m just using all my resources.”

Clay says, “Eboni pulled an Annalise Keating up in here.” Annalise, of course, is Viola Davis ferocious character in “How To Get Away With Murder” who will win at any cost.

When Eboni appeared shaky on some questions, like who famously said Colin Kaepernick should get a haircut if he wants to be signed to a team in the NFL (the answer is Michael Vick) Williams asked for hints and Clay willingly gave them up. TJ said, “We giving hints!”

Eboni clearly had some type of spell on Clay. When she even asked for another sports question, TJ hilariously pointed out, “Now she is guiding the game!”

In the end, Eboni won and wrote on Instagram, “Waaaaaayyyy too much fun!! You’ve got a fantastic show Clay! Thank you @claycane @officialtjholmes for a GREAT time. #DidIWinTho??”

You can blame her for using all the tools in the toolbox, TJ definitely needs a rematch!

Nonetheless, it’s always good to see Black folks exchanging some knowledge about our history. To listen to the full episode, you’d have to go to the SiriusXM and listen to “The Clay Cane Show” on demand.


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