Be prepared to have your blood boil. A 12-year-old was arrested by the Sacramento Police Department late last month and officers decided to put a plastic bag over the Black child’s head. The video of the inhumane arrest only recently went viral.

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According to the Sacramento Bee, the unidentified boy was at a neighborhood carnival when he was held down in a parking lot and plastic bag was put over his head.

See the disgusting footage below:

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CONTROL THE NARRATIVE • So before we get those black people who want to hold a child more accountable than a officer lets break down what happened. A rent a cop chase thus young man for what he called trespassing. He says that the young man had people buy stuff for him because he wasnt welcome. SO WHY DID YOU CHASE HIM ON ANOTHER BUSINESS PROPERTY. So they child didnt steal or break any laws at the time they wanted to hand cuff him. When the police are arresting him the white rent a cop is trying to get his story right. The young man did spit on the officer but when thr other officer showed up he was no long doing this. So there was no reason for them to put a bag on his head. Yes they can arrest a minor if he commented a crime since he didnt there was no reason for all of this. Last you see how our people act like they want to protect the white man over their own people. Smh That black officer knows she is wrong. Everyone remember her faces she is not one of us. She picked her side. • #BLACKMEDIA • Follow me also @therealremyredd #therealremyredd @Bothervex #BotherVex (BACKUP PAGE) • PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE Link in my Bio • Please turns ON your POST NOTIFICATIONS • #ControlTheNarrative #StephCurry #Lebron #Nas #Beyonce #Jayz #KimKardashian #cardib #WillSmith #TI #Worldstar #getthestrap #Hiphop #nickiminaj #migos #michealJackson #kodakblack #pressplay #nipseyhussle #nickcannon #ripnipseyhussle #themarthoncontinues

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Sacramento attorney Mark T. Harris, who is representing the family, wrote for the San Francisco Bay View that the child “was inappropriately constrained by police officers and had a bag placed over his head to ‘shut him up,’ according to witnesses on the scene during the incident. At the time this occurred, the child was pleading for officers to ‘call my mom’ and telling officers that he ‘could not breathe!'” He also wrote the child has respiratory issues. On the video, officers could be seen grabbing his neck, putting him on the ground and placing a knee in his back.

The child is reportedly 4-feet-10-inches tall and weighs under 100 pounds.

Harris slammed Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn, who is an African American.

“Our police chief is ‘blue’ and not Black,” Harris wrote. “In addition, it appears to many of us that when you have as many incidents of questionable police conduct directed towards one singular demographic group, within an entire community, the ‘cat needs to be let out of the bag.’ The Sacramento police department appears to be representative of a ‘bad orchard’ as opposed to a few ‘bad apples.'”

Harris also posted a video with the child and his family, saying, “We want to make sure that the greater Sacramento community, the state of California and the world is aware of what happened to this young man, who was doing nothing more than trying to enjoy the benefits of a neighborhood carnival.”

Watch below:

Sacramento police were reportedly “reviewing” the incident.

But from Stephon Clark, who was fatally shot 20 times in his grandmother’s backyard by Sacramento police in March of 2018, to this most recent incident, the Sacramento Police Department has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not care about Black lives.


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