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Charles Roundtree was murdered in his own home in October of 2018. Finally, body cam footage has been released and it’s down right horrific. The San Antonio, Texas cop gunned the teenager down in his own home. 

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Civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt, Esq. wrote on Twitter, “ was murdered. He was just sitting on the couch. A San Antonio cop came banging on his door & without ever identifying himself shined his flashlight into the home. When the homeowner demanded to know who was at his door the cop began shooting through the screen.”

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Back in October, the San Antonio Police Department said in a report that the shooting was “accidental.” They claimed to be visiting a drug house and Officer Steve Casanova was supposed to shoot Roundtree’s friend who they claimed was armed but instead shot Roundtree who was sitting on the couch. They also claimed Roundtree “ignored” the officers commands. As you can see from  the video, the shooting happens within seconds.  They even shot and killed a dog who attacked a different officer. San Antonio Express News says their “report states that police recovered drugs, a rifle and another handgun at the scene.”

At the time, of the shooting, Roundtree’s mother Patricia Slack said, “They killed my son, cold blood. They got trigger-happy and killed my son.”

SAPD Chief William McManus said in a statement, “It’s a very, very unfortunate, tragic accident that happened. Unfortunately, that person who was just sitting there was killed by a bullet fired at someone who was attempting to use deadly force against police.”

He also applauded Officer Steve Casanova, “The approach was very professional. There was nothing hostile about it and unfortunately the reaction from the individual with the gun was something he should not have done.”

The lawyer for  Davante Snowden, the man they claimed was armed and who they meant to shoot, insists he never had a weapon. He survived his injuries and was charged with  with felony gun possession

The officer is reportedly on administrative leave. The SAPD has not released a statement on the body cam footage.


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