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Nicole Curran, the wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob, has felt the wrath of the Beyhive and she is not happy. She has reportedly been cyber bullied by Beyoncé‘s fans after she appeared to be too talkative with Jay-Z during Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland Wednesday night.

SEE ALSO: Some No Name, Pitchy R&B Singer Disrespected Keith Sweat And Gets Demolished On Twitter writer Ramona Shelburne wrote on Twitter that Curran has been in tears and was receiving death threats.

“Just spoke to Nicole Curran, the wife of Warriors owner Joe Lacob, about the ‘incident’ with Beyoncé last night,” Shelburne tweeted. “She was in tears. Said she had been getting death threats on social media all night this morning she disabled her IG account just to make it stop.”

According to Shelburne, Curran also said she wasn’t getting too close to the Carters. Instead, she was simply asking if they wanted drinks.

“Curran said she had no idea anything was even amiss until she got home and started seeing texts from friends and checked her social media,” Shelburne tweeted. “She’s invited Jay Z and Beyoncé to the game 3-4 times before. Last night she says she asked if they wanted drinks. Beyoncé asked for water.”

She continued, “Curran says Jay Z asked for a vodka soda. She asked if he wanted lime with that. But it was loud in Oracle and she couldn’t hear, so she leaned over. That’s where the photos of Beyoncé looking askance at her come from… Curran says she then went to go get them those drinks. ;There was no hostility. I was trying to be a good hostess,’ she said. ‘I’ve never experienced cyber bullying like this. I can’t believe our players go through this. That kids go through this.'”

The “incident” happened at Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals Wednesday night at the Oracle Arena. The Golden State Warriors lost to the Toronto Raptors and it appeared Beyoncé shared awkward moments with Curran.

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Sounds like the Beyhive might need to chill. Game 4 is scheduled for Friday night back at the Oracle Arena. No word on if Curran will be in attendance.


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