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A would-be Airbnb guest arrived at a rental property to find drugs and drug paraphernalia strewn inside before he discovered two apparent addicts living there over the weekend. De’Leioun Jackson, who is Black and also known by his rap name Ponce De’Leioun, used his cellphone to record the slovenly scene in a Los Angeles apartment and posted separate clips to Twitter on June 8.

“Airbnb gotta do better,” Jackson can be heard saying in part on the recording while the camera showed hypodermic needles and pipes in addition to some apparent drugs.

As he made his way through the apartment, Jackson said he “found a Crackhead hiding in the bathroom & another locked in the 2nd room!!!!” He blamed it on the apartment not having a lock on the front door.

Jackson could be heard commenting about how the two had apparently “moved in” as he filmed them leaving the premises. The owner of the property kicked the two men out, according to a report from Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Airbnb tweeted back at Jackson almost immediately and asked for his reservation info. However, it was unclear what type of resolution there was, if any.

Jackson later tweeted that the host still apparently thought his guest would feel comfortable in the apartment if he cleaned it up.

Disgusted as he may have been, Jackson kept his cool and documented the ordeal on Twitter in an example of his self-restraint and calmness.

Jackson’s experience in Los Angeles came on the heels of another across the country in a series of high-profile incidents involving Airbnb.

About a week before Jackson’s experience in Los Angeles, a group of Black male friends was confronted in their Airbnb by a racist host who used the word “monkey” in a derogatory reference to the men. In that instance, which was also captured on video, Airbnb sent an email to NewsOne announcing that host has been removed from its online platform.

Airbnb offered to put the men up in another Airbnb under its Open Doors policy, which makes sure guests facing discrimination are able to have an alternate place to stay. But Jackson was apparently a victim of ambitious, crafty drug addicts who found a place of refuge and turned it into their own personal drug den. His experience had nothing to do with discrimination and Airbnb did not seem to have a portion of its website that addressed such a scenario.

Yahoo! Lifestyle reported that Airbnb “provided Ponce De’Leioun a full refund.”


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