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Meghan McCain has a lot of fears in life but it turns out getting dragged by Joy Behar and  Whoopi Goldberg isn’t her main fear. “The View” co-host said her in “number one fear in life” is the Ebola virus in a bizarre segment on the chat fest.

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While talking about Trump ordering White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney out of the Oval Office after he coughed as Trump was babbling during an interview, McCain defended him because she is a germaphobe.  Then she randomly brought up the Ebola virus, saying, “My number fear in life, in general, above all things, is getting the Ebola virus, above all else. It’s my biggest fear in the entire world.”

Behar looked perplexed and said, “Ebola virus? Do they have that here?”

Yes, it’s been here,” McCain. “Remember? I’ll never forget. But I literally, anytime anyone starts coughing or whatever — you know, we see it here. You can get all the hosts sick. We have been sick here at the same time. I am that person, I would probably make someone leave if they were, like — I’m a germaphobe.”

Watch the awkward exchange below:

The Ebola virus did hit the United States in 2014. Eleven people contracted the deadly virus and two died. The virus was originally found in  Zaire and is normally found in other parts of Africa. This virus nearly has no risk to McCain but for some reason it is her biggest fear in life.

Annoying comments like these could be why people are reportedly fed up with her. According to a close source, The Daily Mail reports, “Whoopi is at her breaking point with Meghan. She’s been trying to hang in there, especially keep the peace with Meghan and Joy, but we all know she’s about to break.”

The 34-year-old has consistently disrespected 76-year-old Joy Behar and usually Goldberg is there to diffuse, but she allegedly is tired of being referee.

Just one of many examples of McCain’s disrespect is back in April. Behar was making logical comments about the Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen being fired, Sen. John McCain‘s daughter tried to cut her off. Behar responded by saying, “I listened to you, let me just finish.”

McCain shot back, “Part of your job is to listen to me.”

Whoopi quickly jumped in.

See the disrespectful interaction below — around the 5:00 minute mark.



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