Here we are, another week of news consumed and we want to hear your voice! Tell us your opinion about Joe Lieberman and the health care debate, Obama’s falling approval rating, climate change and the shockingly high rate of unemployment in Detroit (nearly 50%!).

Also, Obama’s latest poll numbers show his approval rating is down below 50% but he gave himself a B+. We polled Blackplanet members to find that most of you believe he should get a B.

SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS HERE telling us what you would grade Obama so far and why. What are the most important issues to you? Is Obama addressing them satisfactorily? How is he handling issues like health care, Afghanistan and climate change?

You could end up on television! Washington Watch is a show hosted by CNN’s Roland Martin. It is a place for Black America to have its voice heard, to ask the hard questions to the lawmakers & politicians that represent us and to speak up!

So what are YOUR thoughts?

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