Climate & Environment

The disproportionate threats extreme weather brings to BIPOC communities are specifically evident in Louisiana, writes Ashley Shelton, CEO of the Power Coalition for Equity & Justice.


Well-meaning federal processes haven't become well-doing.

'Small Doses' host Amanda Seales explores "green colonialism" and how climate change harms certain communities more than others.


"After studying the issue of climate change impacts on infrastructure for two decades, with climate projections getting worse, not better, I believe addressing the multiple challenges to the nation’s infrastructure requires systemic change," writes civil engineer Paul Chinowsky.


Overcoming the legacy of environmental racism will take a collective reckoning; something legislation cannot address on its own.


Heat is the most frequent climate-related killer in the United States, with more deaths associated with it than tornadoes, floods and cold temperatures.

Speaking for around 20 minutes during the Hall County GOP Picnic, Walker made several other wild statements, including claiming Warnock was trying to "bully him" out of the race.


Few people recognize the trauma that can arise from living through a natural disaster that is worsened by climate change and policy inaction.


The HBCU Community will come together for the Eighth Annual HBCU Climate Change Conference next week.

Good News

Rihanna has donated $15M to a collective of nonprofits centered on climate justice.

President Biden attending the COP25 United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow is drawing attention to the myriad ways global warming directly affects Black people.


It is not just intimidation at the polls or election administrators removing voters from the rolls that count toward limiting the franchise. It is also the combination of displacement following natural disasters and election officials refusing to accommodate impacted voters.