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Trumps Fourth of July celebration sounds like something out of North Korea. There are reports of tanks, a band, and while the event is called The Salute to America, it is clearly a salute to him.

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NBC News reports, two Bradley and two Abrams tanks were seen in Washington, D.C. But site reports the full spectacle to be, “Different branches of the military are expected to provide air assets for the the Fourth of July celebration: the Army will bring four Apache helicopters; the Navy will bring two F-35s and two F/A-18s; the Air Force will supply a B-2 bomber, two F-22s, and the Air Force One plane; the Marine Corps will bring the new Marine One that is still in test and evaluation phase, as well as two V-22 Ospreys; the Coast Guard will have a Jayhawk and a Dolphin helicopter as well as a turboprop plane; and the Navy’s Blue Angels will close out the aerial review with six F/A-18 Hornets, featuring as many as 16 pilots.”

CNN commentator Bakari Sellers took video of the tanks in D.C. wit the caption, :”What country is this? And my friends on the right are worried about @Kaepernick7, while Trump tramples on our values.” See below:

NBC News reports Trump will give a speech a the Lincoln Memorial, but it will not be political — his speech will be “uplifting” and “patriotic,” as if that is humanly possible for 45.

Well, just call him Kim Jong Trump. This a move that sounds like it came straight from North Korea’s Supreme Leader. Back in February of 2018, it was reported he was ordering for the Pentagon to throw him a grand military parade. The Hill reported, “The Pentagon has reportedly begun planning a military parade at the request of President Trump.” Allegedly, he demanded a parade “like the one in France.”

The parade was just in the “brainstorming” stages but officials were hoping they could tie it to Veteran’s Day so they can sell the lie that it isn’t about Trump — when of course it would be. Nonetheless, Trump still got his parade.

As you can imagine, this will be an extravagant affair. Here is a clip from the French Bastille Day parade:

And guess who is paying the bill for this parade? Taxpayers!

Make America great again.


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