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The cops are called on Black folks while sitting at Starbucks, eating at Applebee’s, trying to work out at LA Fitness, leaving an Airbnb, sleeping at Yale and just living life. However, when white folks create a savage brawl and even attack security guards, they live to tell about it.

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On Saturday, there was a brawl in the stands at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, Illinois for the Cubs and White Sox game. Watch the video below, which includes punching, kicking and even assaulting a security guard.

It is still not clear why the fight happed but according to CBS, there were no arrests. Sounds about white!

White brawls with no police is the standard. For example, back in May of 2018, a pack of thugs in Douglas County, Georgia got into a fight at a cornhole tournament, which is a bean bag toss game. They were publicly intoxicated and wildly beating each other.

A group of people disagreed about the score and, according to, eyewitness Alex Cannon “was standing so close, he nearly had to duck while filming the chaos. … After the dispute over the score, Cannon said someone threw a beer, then someone else threw a punch. He told us the lesson he learned is: ‘Alcohol and beanbags do not mix.'” Sounds like someone should have been in fear for their life and called the authorities. See below: also points out “the police were not called and no one was arrested.” Of course!

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