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A current Morehouse College student’s social media posts have caused an internal investigation after he claimed the college did nothing to address his complaints of being sexually harassed by an employee.

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The man posted two videos on Twitter on Tuesday and Wednesday describing how the historically Black and all-male college ignored his claims of being sexually harassed last year. According to the video, the student experienced verbal advancements as well as touching at the hand of the schools interim director of housing and residential education, DeMarcus Crews. During the video, he described how Crews hugged him, pinched his cheeks and pressured him to come out about his sexuality.

The unidentified student also described how he reported the harassment to the campus Title IX officials, but felt the official, who was fired shortly after, was condescending did not care. He explained, “The following semester I was just noticing that I was smoking more, doing things I don’t do and I was fed up about it,” he said.

He allegedly still had no luck with campus officials, despite his parents becoming involved, which he noted was his reasoning behind releasing the videos.

“I haven’t heard anything,” he said. “This shit is really stressing me the fuck out because I know there’s other students out there who have experienced some kind of shit from DeMarcus Crews, so I just really need y’all to be my side and get Morehouse to hear me because I’m tired of this shit.”

Since he posted the two videos, they have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and another apparent victim of Crews came forward as well. A freshman student posted three videos talking about his experience with Crews, including a time where he alleged Crews told another student that he “came out” and was having sex with another student on campus, which the student said was not true.

“But imagine if this had happened to a student that really was going through those things where they’re looking for somebody to come out to,” he said in one of the videos. “Or they are having sexual relations with another student on campus and now he’s just told that to somebody unsure about what they’re going to do with that information.”

There have been several other tweets from students claiming they had also been sexual harassed by Crews.

According to Heavy, Crews graduated from Morehouse in 2015 with a degree in chemistry. He had been working at the school for four years prior to the social media posts. Before making his Twitter account private on Wednesday, he appeared to have resigned from Morehouse.

“It is clear to me that my presence is problematic,” he wrote. “I have resigned from Morehouse College.”

Morehouse College President Dr. David A. Thomas released a statement via Twitter to assure the college and broader community that there would be an investigation into their allegations.

“We will vigorously investigate any claims of sexual misconduct filed with our Title IX office,” he wrote. “Our Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures guidelines provide for disciplinary action, including dismissal, if any student, or faculty or staff member engages in inappropriate behavior.”

Thomas also noted that Crews was put on paid administrative leave and that a senior students officer had reached out to students that posted their complaints.

In 2018, a student sued Morehouse after allegedly being fondled by a professor during a study abroad trip. The student said when he came back from the trip, he immediately reported the incident to Title IX and nothing was done. According to Heavy, in the lawsuit he states that as a result, he suffered from trauma and was hospitalized, the college appeared to retaliate against the student and, the suit claims, to his day has not released his transcripts, saying he owes the school money.


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