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Joe Biden is considered the frontrunner but that might not mean winning the Democratic nomination for president if we look back at the polls. In the summer of 2007, Obama was bombing with nearly every demographic, despite Hillary Clinton being considered a “polarizing” figure.

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The Washington Post reported on this day in July of 2007, Hillary Clinton had a “double-digit lead over” Obama and “Clinton enjoys a substantial edge over Obama among the 4 in 10 Democrats who said that in assessing presidential candidates, strength and experience are more important than new ideas or a new direction. Even among the 51 percent who prefer a change-oriented candidate, the core message of Obama’s campaign, Clinton runs even with him.”

The Post also started, “It may be equally important that Clinton’s initial support for the Iraq war is not proving a significant impediment to her bid.” However, her voting for the war in Iraq was a huge blow to her campaign.

The Post said according to polls, “Asked which Democratic candidate has the best chance of winning the general election in November 2008, 54 percent said Clinton, more than twice the percentage saying Obama (22 percent).”

These numbers might be promising considering Sen. Kamala Harris but mainly Sen. Cory Booker are struggling in the polls, especially with Black voters.

According to a Fox News poll, among Black voters, Biden’s support is 41 percent and Sen. Bernie Sanders is at 15. Sen. Kamala Harris comes at 12 percent, 29 points behind Biden. Sen. Booker is at a dismal 4 percent while Elizabeth Warren is nearly non-existent at 2. In addition, among Black voters, 87 percent would be happy with Biden as the nominee, 79 percent with Sanders, 71 percent Harris, 66 percent Warren, and 62 percent Booker.

Over half of South Carolina Democratic primary voters are expected to be Black.

South Carolina is a crucial state with the Democratic primary taking place on February 29, 2020.

Nationally, a CBS poll, has Biden with 25 percent support,  Warren at 20 percent, Harris at 16 percent and Sanders at 15 percent.

It’s going to be a long election season and clearly, judging by 2007, anything can happen by the primaries.


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