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With the year a little more than halfway over, it sad to say that another Black transgender woman has lost her life, adding to a disturbing trend.

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On Saturday morning the body of 29-year-old Denali Berries Stuckey was found on the side of a Charleston, South Carolina road. The coroner’s office told ABC News that her death has been ruled a homicide, but police officials said they do not known the motive.

Stuckey was a North Charleston native that ran a childcare business and worked as a manicurist. Family friend Ron’Rico Judon said about Stuckey, “She was a free spirit. She was very outspoken. If you didn’t like the fact that she was trans, she would give you a piece of her mind.”

Judon said he was “devastated” and “heartbroken” by her death.

“Somebody that was deeply loved by so many was taken from us,” he said. “To have the type of love and support that Denali had, not only from friends and the community, but family, that’s rare.”

Charleston transgender activist and community organizer Vanity Reid Deterville said though she did not know Stuckey, she owed her respect because she was trans.

“I recognize how hard it is just to live your truth in a very southern region of the United States,” she said. “She was a woman who walked a very difficult life in a very southern state.”

Chase Glenn, the executive director of Alliance for Full Acceptance, released a statement to Out on Sunday,  “I am heartbroken and outraged by the news of yet another murder of one of our transgender community members. Denali is the third known Black trans woman to have been murdered in South Carolina since 2018. We refuse to become numb. We will continue to say the names of these women and remember them how they would have wanted to be remembered.”

Rest in power.


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