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In the latest installment of “White People Making Racist Videos,” two women have found themselves being exposed as racist after a video surfaced showing them saying how they really feel about Black people.

Springfield, Illinois, resident Gabbi Goldsborough posted the video to Facebook on Saturday and identified Macy Castleman as one of the women recorded yelling racist slurs like they were going out of style. The video, which has more than 20,000 views, shows Castleman and Jayde Landers happily going on a wild racist rant.

“We hate niggers!” the women yelled in unison on the jarring video.

“They smell. They don’t work. So we should bring back slavery to whip them niggers. Bring back the KKK!” Wooooo!” Castleman implored.

Landers laughed before responding, “Shh. People like Black people sometimes.”

According to Heavy, Castleman claimed the video was taken three years ago and did not reflect who she is today.

In her Facebook post of the video, Goldsborough wrote,  “I love how people sit around & act like racism isn’t still a thing. Macy Castleman…u have a lot of explaining to do…” She also posted screenshots of the conversation she had with Castleman about the video where the woman in question tried to defend her actions claiming she did not even remember the video, even saying it was an “inside joke” between her and her friend. Castleman also claimed she “has Black people in her family.”

“Lmao what a common excuse for racist people to say. ‘I have Black people in my family’ lmao haven’t heard that one before. how would they feel [about] you saying that?” Goldsborough replied.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Landers is currently a senior at Auburn High School in Auburn, Illinois. The school released a statement via Twitter about the incident.

“The behavior of the two individuals in the video does not represent the views of our school or our community – what we teach or how we act in our school,” they wrote. “There are policies and procedures in place which will be followed for any students involved.”

After criticism by users that their initial statement did not do enough, the Auburn Community Unit School District posted a second longer statement to Twitter where they claim that the video was made in October 2017 and noted that Castleman is no longer a student at the high school as she had already graduated. They did not address any punishment for Landers.

Heavy reported that at the time of the video, Castleman was a nursing student at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield. The college’s president, Charlotte Warren, denounced the video in a statement on Facebook saying in part, “Discrimination, harassment, and/or intimidation of students, employees and other individuals at any College facility or in connection with any College activity are taken seriously. If this situation involved a current student at LLCC, then it would be investigated and adjudicated per the policies and procedures of the College.”

In the end, it was found that Castleman worked at Concordia Village, a senior citizen facility in Springfield. The company released a series of statements via Facebook on Monday and confirmed that Castleman was fired.

“A disturbing video posted on a personal social media account by a former employee over the weekend has come to our attention,” the company posted. “We are disappointed by the personal views expressed by this former employee and regret the adverse attention it has brought upon our community. We have addressed the situation with the employee according to our personnel policies and that individual is no longer employed by Concordia Village or Lutheran Senior Services.”


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