Indiana State University student Asa Blanton appeared to respond to Beyonce's country album by declaring that Black people can't be country.

Houston security guard David Tupper was recorded while hurling racist slurs at Denishia Lewis over a traffic incident. Now he's under investigation.

Mark Taylor, a coach in Georgia, filmed himself using racist language about Black people while driving around Atlanta. The video has since gone viral.

A viral video shows Mexican American woman Esmeralda Upton assaulting Indian women in Plano, Texas during a racist, violent attack.

The Sesame Street-themed amusement park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, is now under even more fire after a viral video showed a costumed character from the beloved show ignoring two young Black girls during a parade.

Race Matters

Disturbing video footage showing a suspected white supremacist violently menacing a Black fast-food worker over an order dispute seemed to check all the boxes for a federal hate crime by way of a threatened lynching in an N-word laced rant.


James Iannazzo was arrested and charged with intimidation based on bigotry or bias after a viral video showed his violent and racist confrontation with teenage workers in a Robeks smoothie shop in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Minnesota Police are investigating students at Prior Lake High School in Savage, Minnesota after a racist video about a 14-year-old black girl went viral on social media.

Race Matters

Florida school district had sympathetic words for a pair of suspected white supremacist students, including one wearing a white hood, after a video on social media showed them using racist slurs.

'Wouldn't it be fun to go pick some cotton?' One of the teens said.

White students reportedly received death threats after posting a racist video online.