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The former bodyguard of Richard Pryor who is also releasing a tell-all book, Rashon Kahn, dropped an explosive allegation that Paul Mooney had a sexual relationship with Richard Pryor’s son. Now, Richard Pryor Jr. is speaking out.

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TMZ tracked down Pryor who said, “Whatever happened in my life, it happened when I was young. Way before the ’80s.”

The cameraman asked if the relationship was consensual and he replied, “How can any relationship be consensual if I was a teenager?” He refused to elaborate further. Watch below:

Mooney has responded again to TMZ, denying the claims a second time. According to the site, his camp claims,  “The timeline of events simply doesn’t add up, especially since Richard Sr. and Paul were hanging out as late as 1999.”

In addition, “The rep also points out that Richard Pryor Jr. does NOT name Paul Mooney as his alleged abuser in the clip we posted.”

Yesterday, Paul Mooney’s publicist, Cassandra Williams, told TMZ, “There is no validity to Rashon Kahn’s statement as it relates to Mr. Paul Mooney.”

Kahn, who said he was also Pryor’s trainer, told Comedy Hype that the legendary comedian put a hit out on Mooney for $1 million and wanted him dead after learning of the alleged violation.

Kahn said, “Their relationship became fragile because Paul Mooney has f**ked Richard’s son by that time. He violated. Paul took advantage of the situation. There was a time where Paul Mooney was Richard’s friend. So when Paul did what he did it was a violation of friendship first, then ‘my son’. And in some circles that would be dealt with.”

Kahn’s new book is reportedly called “Everything Wasn’t Funny.”

Jennifer Lee, who was Pryor’s fifth wife when he died in 2005, wrote on Kahn’s video on Twitter writing, “It’s not my life, it happened to RP Jr. and since Rashon said this– and you want granular details, then go speak to him or Rp Jr.”

Pryor, of course, was not around to share his side of the story. He died in 2005. But one Twitter user pointed out that the story wasn’t a new one. Dart Adams seemed to imply the relationship between Mooney and Richard Pryor Jr. was consensual before deleting a series of tweets about the topic. One tweet that was not deleted said that Pryor Jr. was an adult at the time of his alleged relationship with Mooney.

Pryor Jr., who is 61 and was born in 1958, wrote in his memoir that he came out as gay to his parents in 1981 and that his father was supportive of him for it.

Watch the full interview with Kahn below.



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