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CNN’s Don Lemon has had enough of lying Trump supporters getting a platform. Last night, he laid into Chris Cuomo, who airs right before him, about putting the deplorable Kayleigh McEnany on his nightly show.

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In a clip that is not worth posting, McEnany spat endless, exhausting lies. When Cuomo was finished and was introducing Lemon, they had a powerful exchange about media. Lemon said, “She has no credibility. Someone like that has no credibility … Put whoever you want on your show. This isn’t chastising you, but the audience gets nothing from her because she doesn’t tell the truth.”

Cuomo tried to defended her vile appearance by saying, “What you heard is the campaign pitch of the election. That’s what they’ll be up against. If they’re not ready to take it on. If they don’t hear it and don’t understand how many people receive it, they’re gonna wind up in the same position they are now for another four years.”

He continued, “She’s working for the campaign and he does not suffer anything short of [loyalty], Don. You will not be around him very long if you are in the business of exposing his flaws.”

“So you’re proving the point then. So what’s the point?” Lemon calmly responded.

Cuomo followed up with a weak point, “The point is, it’s the job of us to test and expose and let people see it for what it is. One, so that they can believe their eyes and ears. And, two, if they’re against it, they know how to oppose it.”

Lemon replied, “That is in a normal world when it was liberal versus conservative, Republican versus Democrat. This is about truth versus lies. I don’t think people need the space to promote propaganda and lies. I think that’s a disservice. It’s not a service. It’s not testing. It’s allowing someone who — giving them a platform that they haven’t deserved.”

He also added, “Coming on a major network like CNN, it is a privilege, it is not a right. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech or freedom of expression. It is a privilege to come on to be able to talk directly to the American people, and if you have that privilege then you should respect the American people and the host of that show and the platform and the company and the brand, enough to come on and tell the truth.”

Can’t argue with that. See the clip below:


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