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Let’s play Double Jeopardy. Presidential Headaches for $2,000, please, Alex.

It was the contentious debate over which Barack Obama declared on Friday, “The time to talk is over.”

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– What is the Senate health care reform bill? Wrong.

– What is Wall Street’s latest high-handed effort to divert any blame for the economic meltdown? Incorrect.

– What is the negotiations with Russia over the now-expired Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty? Nope.

– What is displeasure over the decision to put the University of Texas in the college football national championship game? Sorry,Mr. Connery, no.

O.K., let’s make it a photo Daily Double:

What is the Copenhagen Summit? Of course. But before we get to Final Jeopardy, let me ask a serious question: Wasn’t two weeks of talk exactly what most everyone involved expected from the great environmental get-together?

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