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According to a report conducted by Nielsen, Black buying power is estimated to be $1.2 trillion and there are several entrepreneurs on a mission to ensure that those dollars are being circulated within the African American community. Danielle McGee created the website Black Business Boom as an avenue to connect consumers to Black-owned businesses throughout the country, the Chicago Defender reported.

Similar to the websites Groupon and Living Social, McGee’s platform features coupons for nearly 400 small Black-owned businesses. Both the website and app encompass a wide variety of products and services that span from beauty to auto. The platform also provides users with information about events and promotions from Black-owned businesses and features location-based advertising. Black Business Boom was developed to highlight businesses and build a solid foundation for customer loyalty.

“I started Black Business Boom because Black-owned businesses typically have less access to funding, which consequently limits their ability to spend money on marketing,” McGee said in a statement. “Our platform is an affordable way for small business owners to generate revenue while attracting loyal customers.” She also stressed the importance of putting action behind social movements surrounding the support of Black-owned businesses by providing people with the resources needed to take actionable steps towards fulfilling the mission.

There have been several digital platforms created to support Black-owned businesses. After truck driver Edward Dillard found it hard to locate African American-owned restaurants during his coast to coast shifts on the road—especially on the outskirts of major cities—he launched the platform Eat Black Owned. The website is a national directory of over 2,000 Black-owned eateries. Users can locate restaurants based on their geographical location.


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