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The topic of unfair treatment by law enforcement along racial lines is as American as apple pie. But the apparent proliferation of Black police chiefs, as well as Black police officers, has seemingly brought renewed scrutiny to those types of discrepancies and disparities that America has especially witnesses when it comes to how Black suspects are treated by police as opposed to the treatment that violent white suspects receive.

Many times it would appear that police are able to safely apprehend white people suspected of violent crimes while Black people suspected of comparable crimes are typically greeted by officers with apparent “shoot first ask questions last” mind states.

It’s a conundrum discussed in depth by an esteemed panel of Black folks who worked in police departments for more than a combined 100 years.

See what Damon K. Jones, the New York representative of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America who has worked with the Westchester Department of Corrections for 30 years; Levi Holmes II, a retired lieutenant from the Newark Police Department who served 27 years before retiring in March; Rochelle Bilal, a retired Philadelphia police officer who served 25 years; Crystal Williams-Coleman, a retired Philadelphia police officer who served 32 years; and Charles Wilson, the national chairman of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. who was a police officer in Cleveland for 45 years all had to say on the contentious issue.

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