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Have you ever wondered what Black police officers up and down the totem pole of hierarchy think about Black Lives Matter and other social justice campaigns designed to bring attention to the systemic racism in law enforcement? To say the thought has crossed their mind is an understatement, as shown by a panel of Black folks who worked in police departments for more than a combined 100 years.

The One Story: African American Police Chiefs Balance Loyalty Between Black And Blue

Damon K. Jones, the New York representative of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America who has worked with the Westchester Department of Corrections for 30 years; Levi Holmes II, a retired lieutenant from the Newark Police Department who served 27 years before retiring in March; Rochelle Bilal, a retired Philadelphia police officer who served 25 years; Crystal Williams-Coleman, a retired Philadelphia police officer who served 32 years; and Charles Wilson, the national chairman of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. who was a police officer in Cleveland for 45 years, all discussed their thoughts on the rhetoric surrounding officers being racist and discriminatory towards African Americans.

They also shared their thoughts behind how to achieve a healthy relationship between officers and the communities they serve instead of the law enforcement toxicity we’ve seen especially proliferate in recent years.

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